Tally Notes – With Shortcut keys

Gateway of Tally


Gateway of Tally

Gateway of Tally Screen

Tally is the most popular software for accounts and inventory management. The first edition of tally was introduced in 1988, from the company tally solution Pvt. Ltd. Tally solution has released a new version of its tally 9 ERP software tally ERP9.0 – where ERP means – enterprises resource planning.
The welcome screen of tally erp9 power of simplicity appears while the software loads. The gateway of tally screen is divided into six section namely horizontal button bar main area (Ctrl+ m) info panel calculator are (ctrl+ n) task bar and vertical button bar.
The main area is separated into two-
1. Left hand side area
2. Right hand side area

tally company info screen

company info screen

The left hand side area provides information on current period, current date and list of selected companies name of the company and the date when last entry has been made.
The right hand side displays the company information menu such as

1. Select company – To select the company from the list given
2. Shut company – To shut the company
3. Create company – To create the new company
4. Alter – To modify the information of company
5. Quit – To close the company info. screen

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Ledger Creation

Gateway of Tally – Accounts info – ledger – Single ledger – Create

Ledger Creation Screen

Tally Ledger Creation Screen

There are 28 predefine groups in groups in tally ERP 9 out of these 15 groups are primary groups and the remaining 13 are sub groups. Some important groups are fellows:-

1- Capital A/c :- Used to create capital A/c and Drawing A/c
2- Bank A/c – To Create Bank A/c ledger.
3- Bank O/d- To create bank loan (overdraft) ledger.
4- Current Assets: – To create current assets ledger like bills receivables etc.
5- Current Liabilities: – To create current liabilities ledger like bills payable and outstanding
Expenses Etc.
6- Fixed Assets: – To create fixed assets ledger like furniture, car, machinery etc.
7- Deposit Assets: – To create the ledger which amount returns after a given period.
8- Purchase Account: – To create purchase ledger.
9- Sales Account :- To create sales ledger.
10- Sundry Creditors: – To create ledger of creditor’s parties.
11- Sundry Debtors: – To create the ledger of debtor’s parties.
12- Indirect Expenses:- To create the ledger of debit side expenses of profit and loss a/c
13- Indirect Income:- To create the ledger of credit side income of profit and loss a/c
14- Direct Expenses :- To create the ledger of debit side expenses of trading account
15- Direct Income: – To create the ledger of credit side income of trading a/c or professional
Person’s income ledger.
16- Duties and Tax :- To create the tax ledger like GST,TDS etc.
17- Stock in Hand :- To create stock ledgers
18- Cash in Hand :- To create cash and petty cash ledgers
19- Provision – To create provision ledgers
20- Loans and Advance (Assets) :- To create the ledger of given loans

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Voucher Entry

Gateway of tally – Accounting Voucher

1. Contra voucher (f4) :- Cash To Bank
Bank to Cash Cash To Cash Bank To Bank
2. Payment voucher (F5):- Payment made to any party by cheque or cash and payment of any expenses are recorded in payment voucher.
3. Receipts voucher (F6): – Payment received from any party by cheque or cash and any
income received are recorded in receipts voucher.
4. Journal voucher (F7) :– All type of adjustment entries are made in journal voucher like
depreciation, adjustment entry.
5. Sales voucher (F8):- the transaction of goods sold to the customer either cash or
credit are recorded in sale voucher.
6. Purchase voucher (F9):- The transaction of goods purchased either cash or credit are
recorded in purchase voucher.
7. F2:- For date change
8. Alt+F2: – For period change


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